"Committing to a mortgage. The commitment of finding a place. Not knowing if I was making the right decision. Those were the things that made me the most nervous and concerned about the home buying process.

I wasn’t originally looking for a house. I was actually looking for a condo. I was looking for a winter place up on the mountain, so it kind of took a turn!"

Read our buyer client's story about their experience with Cassie Mason Real Estate and what advice they have for you.


Meet Christina, our buyer client.

"I'm Christina. I’ve been coming up to this area for the summers since I was little (my parents have a place on Long Lake) and have always loved it here, and have wanted to move to the Bethel area for a while now. 

What initially attracted me to the area was Sunday River.  About 10 years ago I started skiing there, as well as used the Bike Park when it was open. The more time I spent here and the more friends I made, I fell in love with the community and the area. In addition to all the offerings for an active outdoor lifestyle, the town is so friendly and has such a good vibe both winter and summer.

 Initially, I was looking for a Condo on the mountain for winter use so I wouldn’t have to worry about maintaining a second home unless I could find a house that met very specific criteria."

Why Cassie Mason Real Estate?

“I had looked at a condo that was listed on Sunday River’s properties and Cassie was the real estate agent. When I put an inquiry in through Zillow, Cassie was assigned to it and she showed me the condo. It didn’t end up being something we pursued, BUT, when I found the house that I wanted to buy, I contacted Cassie. I reached out to her proactively on the listing that I ended up purchasing.

I just felt like Cassie understood where I was coming from and what I was looking for in a property. The whole thing happened very very quickly. I called because she was a familiar name (from when she had shown me the condo). When I called her to talk about the listing for the house that I did end up purchasing she helped me move quickly and get things done. When I first came into the office to discuss the offer, I discovered that I actually knew Amber from my day skiing at Sunday River, so that was a fun connection there!”

"They made it stress-free. It was the easiest home buying experience I had ever heard of. It seemed like the whole thing was very simple. I just showed up with a check and I left with a house! That's pretty much how it happened."

What Stuck Out To You?

"In my case, which I realize is probably very rare, was how smoothly and quickly it went. From the time that we put the offer in, it was literally a month from when we closed.

There were no hiccups. There were just a couple of things that we shifted. For example,  the mortgage company that we used, which I was totally fine with. They actually ended up getting me a better rate than the bank that I was already pre-approved for, so that worked out great. The home inspection, everything…It all went so smoothly.

I’ve heard horror stories so I was braced to go with the ups and downs of things happening/not happening… especially now with COVID and everything going on in the world. I was just really surprised at how easily it went.”

How Was Cassie Mason Real Estate Different?

“Cassie and Amber were extremely responsive. I felt like there was no question that was too dumb to ask. For example, if I hadn’t heard back from another party yet about the closing paperwork, or things of that nature, I never felt like I was nagging them or annoying them by asking, “Is it normal that I haven’t heard anything yet?” or "Who should I follow up with?"

They sat me down and explained the process from start to finish of what I could expect and what I would need to do. They walked me through all of the paperwork. They gave me good advice on what kind of offer to go in with. Once we got past that initial offer period, they came back to me with the seller's concerns, next steps, and things we could do to move the process along. They really helped push things through the process and told me exactly what was expected of me and what I needed to do."

Extremely Responsive

Valuable Advice & Guidance

Welcoming to  All Questions

In a nutshell...

Would you recommend Cassie & Amber?

"I felt like they were there to help guide me through the process until everything was done. YES!

As luck would have it, the perfect little house came up! Small, but well laid out for usable common space, accommodations for guests, newly renovated, plenty of storage space between the shed and the garage, and a nice size yard that will be easy to maintain. And all very close to mountain biking and skiing. The second I stepped on the property to look at it, I KNEW it was my house. While I initially was only intending this to be a seasonal home, things finally fell into place to allow me to make this a permanent move. I couldn’t be more excited, and am looking forward to finding ways to be an active contributing member of the community."

Christina's Advice to You

If you're considering buying a home, my advice would be to 


"Make sure that you know exactly, financially, what you’re expecting.

Know what you can realistically afford, not what a bank will approve you for. Know exactly what your criteria is. Know what you’re looking for. Know what you're willing to compromise on.

Because that will make the whole process a lot easier, rather than having to go back and forth on different properties and risking losing your chance because you’re undecided."

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